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Forty years is a long time to wrestle with doubt, fear, and the regularly occurring idea that you’re not fulfilling your dreams.  And yet that’s where many of us are today.  Remembering God’s promise and dreaming big are just the beginning.  This is where it gets really tough, and the devil will do all he can in a last-ditch effort to keep you from fulfilling your destiny in the Kingdom of God.

How quickly we forget the times, even just last week, when God came through for us, or when He provided for us in a time of need, or when He delivered us from trouble.  And we wonder, “What will we do?  How will we ever get through this?”

Because of this, remembering God’s promise becomes vitally important.  Like a horse in a bridle, we will go wherever our eyes are focused.  We cannot attain our promise unless we keep it constantly before our eyes.

I like to put little reminders all around me to keep me focused on God’s promise.  I hang little notes to myself around my office, on my computer monitor, on the bathroom mirror – wherever I’ll see them, so I will remember that all I am is unto something greater.  Sometimes, my reminder is the Word of God.  Sometimes it’s the encouragement of other people who share my vision.  Sometimes it’s the unexpected glimpse of the fruit of that promise – the milk and honey – the cluster of grapes so big it took two men to carry them (Numbers 13:23).  What will help you to remember?

Somehow, we must find our dreams, believe in them, and then never let them out of our sight, because if we forget them, we will become discouraged by the process, and we may never see them come to pass.

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