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Where Are We?

gps.jpg“You cannot find the way to your destination unless you know where you are.”

We have a common enemy, and he knows that the best way to keep us from fulfilling our destiny is to try to make us forget who we are. He knows that we have power and authority from on high, and he knows that if we would learn to use these things, he could not stand against us. So he distracts us with the ever-pursuant lies of doubt, fear, and despair, and makes us forget who we are in Christ. Slowly we’ve become no longer a threat to him.

We (as individuals and as the Church) are in the midst of an identity crisis that is keeping us from fulfilling the purposes and plans of God in our lives. We’ve been disoriented, blinded by the things that face us day to day, and we have forgotten who we are. We forget God’s promise over our lives (or at least we stop believing in it), and we lose hope, letting our circumstances convince us that we are slaves to this life; that we cannot overcome; that we are not truly free.

If we’re ever to find our way - to find our freedom, that abundant life that God promises us - we need to come to a deeper understanding of who we are and who we were created to be. We need to come to that place, like the prodigal son, where we realize that we are true sons and daughters of the living God. We need to run into His open arms and receive His forgiveness, His healing, and let Him clothe us in righteousness, restoring to us the authority, honor, and glory we inherit as bearers of His family name.

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