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Where Are We Going?

route.jpgIt is through the healing of our past that we will come to understand our identity in the present. It is by finally walking out the parts of our lives that were left incomplete that we can find wholeness today and that we can truly know where we are in God’s great story. And only by knowing where (and who) we are can we step into that great destiny that God has prepared for us in the future.

The journey to freedom is just that - it’s a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s certainly not easy, and it’s not always comfortable or pleasant. Sure, there are times when the road is open and the wind is at your back, but there are mountains to climb, valleys to cross, detours from what may seem like the easiest route, and oftentimes construction.

The fact is, chasing after God and His dream for our lives is a pursuit that never ends. It's not just enough to look at where we've been and where we are now. And it's not enough to know where we're going. We also have to ask the question, "How do we walk this out day by day?"

Like a prisoner of war, starved, beaten and kept in isolation for years on end, we can be set free. But if no one teaches us how to live again, love again, eat healthy food again, and take care of ourselves in the free world, we remain captive to the old ideas and expressions we knew in our slavery to sin and darkness. While we may at first appear free to the outside world, our patterns, mindsets and internal struggles continue to hold us in chains.

Maintaining and growing our spiritual and natural relationships, learning how to process emotions in the "now", and dealing with the challenges of life and faith on an ongoing basis are essential to get where we want to go. The resources throughout this site will help you not only work through your past to help you find the freedom you're looking for, but they will equip you and encourage you to keep going every day of your life.

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